Book 2 Now released! “The Malone Ranch Murders: Malone’s Revenge”

I owe everyone a few blogs this week. I will catch everyone up and what a great month January was. The first book exceeded my expectations praise God! Since you are subscribed to this blog you get first looks at the release of Book 2 in the trilogy.

I had to switch narratives on this one because Jim Sanders cannot be in other parts of the country which is where the story ended up going. This one was a rougher one for me to write than the normal first person, but I would love to read the reviews next month to see what the feedback is. You can also find the book on Goodreads as well as Kindle.

The character I think that surprised me the most was Weathers and Larry. Weathers definitely manifested and brought out parts of Jim I hadn’t quite put my finger on. Larry’s confession to Jim about Big Henry and the Rangers definitely threw me for a loop. Wow.

So my characters keep waking me up.

It’s the strangest thing…when I write…I just write….I kind of go and the words and characters start talking and existing. When I am on bed, I get a nudge from Jim, or Malone, or Larry or any other characters as they clear their throat and say, “You left me hanging there Ric…I’m about to die…I’m eager to find out what happens to my life.” Lol. It’s wild. I love it. Writing brings me immense joy and I could do it for 8 hours a days. Had my pastor not nudged me to follow the parable of the talents, I would have continued to contemplate it for another year. I am so thankful you are a part of this journey with me and you get to partake in making my dream come true by even reading up to this point of my blog. Thank you!!!!!

Ok, so please take a look at my book on kindle and please rate it, comment on it, and share it please. The goal is to finish three trilogies in 2020 and get the hard copies out for sale.

Just to follow up on a few inquiries:

-Yes, there will be a hard copy available for purchase in April.

-Yes, there will be and Audio book version on audible by early summer 2020

-Yes, this trilogy could easily be turned into a western film series and yes I am still producing them and writing and acting in them.

Yes, I am already working on the third and final part of the trilogy that will be leading into-you guessed it-a cattle drive up north. A few new cowboy characters will be introduced and a challenging adventure lies ahead.

Yes, I already have my next trilogy set and ready to write after book 3 is out in April.

Thank you for reading and Stay tuned for more!! Please follow my FB author page: @ricmaddoxwestern today to stay updated on more events and status on the current releases!

I will share some cool life lessons in my blog tomorrow! Thank you and God Bless you all!

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