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Ric Maddox is an avid western enthusiast, husband, and father of two beautiful girls. He was born in Kingsville, Texas, home of the historic King Ranch and is of Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh lineage. After graduating high school, Ric served as a team leader in the 4th Infantry Division at 1-8 Infantry Regiment with a deployment during Operation Intrinsic Action 96-3. While in service, Ric earned five Army Achievement Medals and the Expert Infantry Badge. His late grandfather CPO George Lawrence Myers was a World War II Navy veteran and his great grandfather, Purple Heart recipient Corporal George Labania Myers was a decorated World War I Army Infantry machine gunner.

After service, Ric moved to New York to train at the prestigious Stella Adler Acting Conservatory for 3 years under Earle Gister (the late Yale Head of Drama). Upon returning from New York, Ric was cast in his first studio film ‘Stop-Loss’ opposite Ryan Phillippe and Timothy Olyphant. Since then, Ric has starred in over 60 projects (12 of them Westerns), produced 9 Films (5 of them westerns), written films (4 of which have been made) and directed 2 films, both in post-production.

Being an accomplished producer, actor, horse rider and military trained, expert marksman has led Ric into a series of western roles. One of Ric’s most notable roles was portraying Sheriff Pat Garrett in ‘The American West’, Robert Redford’s eight part series on AMC. He is also the co-creator, executive producer and lead actor in the Western ‘Dead Men’ (aka ‘Dead Men the Series’) that was bought by Sony and distributed in 2018 on DVD, Amazon Prime and other digital platforms.

Ric has won over 7 awards and earned 3 nominations in his career and has been featured in ‘Cowboys and Indians’ Magazine twice.

Ric clearly adores the unique period in American History that is known as the Old West. To survive it took guts, grit, determination and a hard line to walk between good and evil in some very hostile environments. In an entitled, modern world, those values have been too easily forgotten, along with the hardships and determination that it took to build great nations like the United States of America. Ric loves to disappear into this period and bring to life characters and stories from the Old West that remind us of simpler times, when a handshake meant something.

Please find Ric on Facebook (see social media links) and feel free to reach out to him and tell him what you think of his books. He sure does hope that you enjoy some of these western adventures that will be coming down the pipeline and subscribe for more on his newsletter.

You can now purchase my first novel…

‘Captain Jim Sanders and THE MALONE RANCH MURDERS’

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