My First Book – The Malone Ranch Murders – Part One

FIRST BLOG!! 1/5/20
Welcome to my Website! Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. If this is your first time reading any content of mine, thank you and welcome! 
I love the American West and that distinct time period in the world that we uniquely own. A period that brings visitors from across the Globe to relive and learn about the amazing, exciting, dangerous, deadly, treacherous, sexy, hilarious, gritty and entrepreneurial time in our history. I have had the privilege to know (and be shaped by) some incredible, strong-willed Southern Men and Women. I grew up in South Texas amongst some solid people that could make agreements on a handshake and whose honor and integrity meant everything to them. This is a rare breed in this new world and so I like to escape into these characters to live vicariously through them.

If you are still reading, and you are a fan from my AMC show ‘The American West’, ‘Dead Men the Series’, or any of my western venture… then I am so glad you are still coming along with me on this journey. You have witnessed a decade of my life and have seen some incredible changes. We have been on an incredible journey together and I could not have told you 10 years ago that I was going to start writing western novels, but here we are. I sat down and just began writing and characters from ‘The Malone Ranch Murders’ started to come alive and even wake me up in the middle of the night nudging me to tell the rest of their story. There is so much more to go and several other books in development. Just to throw this out as I do get questions, here are a few answers:

Yes, I will still be acting in one or two projects a year. I was booked for a supporting role in a theatrical western in November and had to decline due to scheduling. 

Yes, I will still and always be in development for my next western film or series. Some of these books you will see can easily transfer. 
And Yes, there will be many more books coming that will be available via Amazon Kindle and Audiobooks will be going up in the summer of 2020 on Audible. 
Please stay tuned and follow my western Author Page on Facebook. Please like, follow, rate, and share with everyone who loves the American West! 
God bless all of you and have a wonderful 2020. Please do drop me a note and tell me your thoughts on the first book! Also please do sign up your email for the quarterly newsletter!

9 Replies to “My First Book – The Malone Ranch Murders – Part One”

  1. Hi Ric. Will any of these books be available in hard copy? Or will it all be audiobook and Kindle? I hope hard copy will be available


  2. Ric….
    I cannot wait to begin reading! I can still picture my dad reading westerns…and I grew up watching old west series. Then there was “Dead Men” 🙂
    By the way…last year I wrote a Christian song. Like you, I was nudged in the night until I wrote it. Music came with lyrics, too! I have now completed the second one.
    Best of luck.. It is meant to be!


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